A place to unwind.

Welcome to Grateful Life Wellness, my name is Melodie Polansky. I am a Massage Therapist, a Reiki Master, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, and Acupressure Practitioner. I have been practicing the healing arts since 2004, when I attended Body Wisdom Massage School in Urbandale, IA. Massage was my foundation into the healing and wellness world. I have a deep appreciation and knowledge of how to use massage to help relax your sore muscles, ease your stress and tension, and help you to achieve optimum wellness. I have  found that using many different techniques can help to realign your body and reduce inflammation. Reiki came into my life in 2011, when I took a class that was being offered in Des Moines by a woman named Sandi Smith. Reiki has been the modality that has opened me up as a healer, and has allowed me to connect more with my practice on a personal and spiritual level. I have recently received my Master training and I am now excited to share this gift by teaching classes. 

I also specialize in Prenatal and Postnatal Massage. This is something that I hold dear to me. Pregnancy is the time in a woman's life in which she is growing a human, she is stretching and giving her love and nourishment to this unborn soul. It is my job to make sure that she is well taken care of, to nurture her during this time, to allow for relaxation, and release from the tension that is unavoidable during pregnancy and in postpartum pregnancy. It is my hope that if even for a day, I can help. 


My life is filled with many different joys, and hobbies. I am a wife, a mother of two boys, and we have two dogs and a cat. Our family is full of life and there is rarely a dull moment. We love to spend our time out in nature, exploring, hiking, and taking time to ground ourselves with the Earths energy. We also enjoy music, I sing, and my husband plays guitar, but my family comes from a long line of musicians and artists. I have always had a deep appreciation for the arts, and for nature. So I have recently been stretching my wings and expanding my art into photography, as well as painting and sketching. 


Through all of my career as a healer, I have always known that my best education has come from my clients. I learn from their stories, from their experiences, and from their bodies and energy. It is truly a gift to be able to help others feel better. I look forward to meeting you.